Intro Anglaise



Jean Loup CARPENA would like to welcome you to their internet site and to introduce you to their decal productions on aviation, automobile and trains. These productions have been worldwide known by modellers for 28 years under the name of “Décals-CARPENA”.

Jean Loup CARPENA guarantee all the operations from the conception and making of the decalcomania to their dispatching. All the references edited to this day are available. Despite the novelties we offer, we are looking for modellers who can propose new decal projects in all fields, in order to eventually have them edited under our trademark.

The quality of the DECALS-CARPENA is appreciated in the field of modelling and is confirmed in various specialized press articles. Jean Loup CARPENA is at your disposal to study or produce your decals. Do not hesitate in contacting us for any further information.

Enjoy your visit.